/ Smart Sconce Light QSG

Setup your Smart Sconce Light

Get to know your Smart Sconce Light

1. LED Lights

2. Power Button

3. Set Button

4. Status Indicator

5. Hanging Hook

6. Light Bar QR Code

7. Battery Compartment

Power up your Smart Sconce Light

Insert Batteries

(6 x AA)

Control your Smart Sconce Light 

Manual Control

  • Press Power button to turn on the light (auto shut off after 3 hours)

  • Press again to turn off

Smart & Voice Control

Download Toucan App Scan QR code or visit toucan.solutions/app
Available at Apple© App Store© and Google Play™

Follow the app instruction to setup

  • Ready to control from app at anytime

  • For voice control, set up connection with the compatible Voice Assistant device accordingly 


  1. Do not mix batteries. To prevent equipment damage, and possible injury, never mix batteries with different chemistries or voltages in the equipment at the same time.

  2. Consumed batteries need to be disposed of properly. Follow the disposal instructions on the battery package. Batteries should be recycled or disposed of as per state and local guidelines. Battery selling retailers provide special containers for environmentally friendly disposal.

  3. Remove batteries from unit for long term storage to prevent damage from battery leakage.